Once the giveaway ends, your entries are sent to our Legally Registered Sweepstakes Agency, (Compliance Sweepstakes Services) who is in charge of making these giveaways 100% legal. In other words, these huge prizes LEGALLY will be given away to the winners. Once the winner is randomly drawn, our agency sends us their information to ensure that person is not affiliated with Enrforce in anyway. WE LEGALLY CANNOT GIVE AWAY THESE PRIZES TO ANYONE WE WORK WITH. In a rare case that would to happen, our agency would re-draw the winner. Announcement of the giveaway will be LIVE on our social media platforms, so make sure to give us follow! We will NOT contact you thru any social media platforms, we will ONLY call you on the number provided.

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Every purchase made on ENRFORCE.COM will receive the weeky bonus multiplier for every$1 SPENT. Your total entries are calculated in your cart and once you place an order, our system will AUTOMATICALLY RECORD your entries and you will recieve an email confirmation! No matter how many orders you place or how much money you spend, rest assured, all entries are attached to your contact info and you are entered!