Rush Tee


The BEST Hand Cleaner

Size: 4 OZ


Have you ever came across a product that completely blew you away? This is best gift for anyone who works hard and get their hands dirty.  

I promise you that this is one of those that you will come back to get more of, but you should at least give it a try so you can realize what you're missing out on.

All Natural made from Colorado's Ponderosa Pine Hand Cleaner :

  • Removes toughest of dirt and grease
  • Removes all toxins and free radicals 
  • Moisturizes hands instantly
  • Supports cuts/healing


3.5 oz = 100 washes

10 oz = 250 washes

1 gallon = 1,500 washes


You will never go back to using another hand cleaner after you try this, and the benefits of using this products are endless.

Printed in the USA

Easy Exchanges

Made with Premium Materials

Free Shipping on Orders $100+



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