Is this legit?
Yes! This is our way of thanking you for supporting the brand. Doesn’t get better then this! Awesome gear plus a chance for you to take home the win!

Every Enrforce Giveaway is federally registered in the United States with the nation's leading licensed agency (Compliance Sweepstakes Services ) to administer each contest according to all laws and regulations. We are LEGALLY obligated to carry out the contest in full. We cannot change contest dates and must present the prizes to three random winners whom is neither family or in any way affiliated with Enrforce Inc. You can participate with full confidence that you have an equal chance to take home the win! Need more info? Check out our official rules HERE  

How do I know my entries are submitted?
Upon checkout completion, all entries are automatically submitted to the sweepstakes agency. Each and every order placed within the contest period is entered to win. You cannot be left out! No need to create an account or complete any further actions once checkout is completed. Whether you place one order or multiple orders, ALL entries will be tied to your name and contact information!

How will I know if I win??
We will contact you via phone and email you provided at check-out to congratulate you and set a time for delivery of your prize! We will not contact you thru any social media platform to tell you that you have won. Please be aware of FAKE social media accounts pretending to be us and asking you for your information or saying that you have won. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANYTHING!
⌖ OUR ONLY Social media account name is @ENRFORCE 

I only received a part of my order, Where is the rest?
No worries! Some items ship from different locations. Although much is held in our Amazon’s warehouse.The rest of your order is most likely en route and will be to you shortly!

My package got sent back/ never received. Am I still entered into the giveaway?
Most Definitely! Merchandise delivery and sweepstakes entries are two totally separate processes. Immediately following the completion of an order on our website two critical things happen.
-Your entries are automatically submitted to our Sweepstakes Administrator.
-Your merchandise order is transmitted through our varying facilities, where our teams will get them ready for shipment.

I never got a confirmation email: (not a question, we know..)
Check your JUNK / SPAM folder. If you still don’t see your email, please contact our customer service team

( ) with the following information:
• First and Last Name
• Full address (House #, Street, Town, ZIP code)

I entered the wrong address on my order, how can I change it?
Please contact us ASAP at and we will work with you to resolve the issue as quickly and effectively as possible.

I picked the wrong size/color/item on the order I just submitted, what do I do?
Please send us an email through the contact us link at the bottom of the website and we will be more than happy to help you resolve your issue!

How long does it take to ship my order?
We use Amazon Fulfillment, so if you have Amazon Prime, expect to see your order come in within 2-3 business days. For non-prime members, standard shipping applies (5-7 business days).