Starter Auto Care Kit – ENRFORCE

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This kit will provide you with the products that you need to wash, clean, and protect your car with our premium grade products.



 This kit includes : 


⌖ Mega Foam Soap - Citrus Blast

  • Blast your car with thick soap

⌖ Trim and Tire Dressing

  • Add that perfect natural shine to your vinyl, trim, rubber and plastics

⌖ Detailing Spray - Minty Fresh

  • Detail the exterior surfaces as you're drying off the car with a streak-free finish

⌖ Interior Cleaner

  • Clean and renew your car's interior from the leather down to the carpet

⌖ Premium grade microfiber towel x 2


⌖ Premium microfiber wash mitt


 *Please note even though they do smell amazing do not consume.






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